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Flawless Appearance

A noble decoration enriched with the harmony of wood, metal and leather… Kapitan vanity dresser is fascinating with its unique beauty.  It gives you the layout you need, while enchanting you with the delicate design details The dressing table, which is indispensable for traditional bedroom decoration, accompanies the contemporary and elegant design of the bedside table and chest of drawers design which stand out for its quilted craftsmanship. With its enchanting appearance and useful modules, Kapitan vanity dresser promises a dateless decoration.


  • Harmony of dark walnut color with leather quilting application
  • Stylish storage
  • Gold color special handle and frame application
  • Size D47 W108.2 H82.2CM

Regularly dust & Gently wipe the surface with a soft microfiber cloth for wooden, glass, or metal surfaces.

For Sofas, Rugs and any soft material, vacuum thoroughly to remove any dust.

Treat any fresh stains with a white cloth by blotting, not rubbing.